Five Reasons Why Companies Outsource Their Payroll

Many business owners are not accounting experts or have training or experience in managing their own payroll. Payroll processing can be very challenging and confusing for many business owners, and the fact that the IRS can impose fines if it is not properly filed makes payroll processing intimidating. Due to this, most small business owners leave payroll processing to experts, either by outsourcing the payroll or processing it internally.

1) Outsourcing Your Payroll Is More Cost Effective

If the owner of a business uses a Certified Public Accountant to perform internal payroll service, the costs can be between $ 250 and $ 500 per payroll, not per month, but each time the payroll runs. Using a CPA is a great way to make your payroll successful for internal payroll processing because Certified Public Accountants are particularly trained in payroll and accounting events. But, Certified Public Accountants charge between $ 65 and $ 120 per hour and in about 4 hours per payroll run execution, the cost may be pretty substantial. If your company runs the biweekly or weekly payroll, it will double or quadruple this amount.

2) Outsourced Payroll Helps Small Business Owners Avoid IRS Fines

So, what happens if you cannot pay a CPA and decide to try to calculate, pay and file your own payroll for small businesses? Due to the complexity and changing payroll laws, it is easy to make mistakes. Approximately 40% of small business owners are penalized by the IRS for paying or filing their payroll taxes wrongly each year. It’s a high percentage, and about $ 850 per year in fines, doing your own payroll processing may not be as profitable as if you had a specialist who did it for you. Payroll outsourcing businesses like online business payroll automatically calculate, pay and file payroll taxes for your small business. Due to the automated process, you will never be late or you will lose a payment or a presentation. Read more.

3) Outsourced Payroll Is Easy and Simple

Payroll processing through an outsourced small business payroll service is very easy to use. Even though the configuration of your employees could take a few minutes, the real payroll run can be done in just a few minutes. Simply log in to the secure online portal of the third-party payroll service and enter the hours each employee worked during the payment period. When entering your employees’ hours, review the information and then click submit. Your payroll is done.

4) Outsourced Payroll Deals with W-2 and 1099 Forms for You

At the end of the year, small business owners should provide their employees a W-2 or a 1099 form by January 31 of the following year. W-2 forms are forms that allow employees to know how much money they earned, in addition to the amount of federal, state and local taxes that were withdrawn during the year. Form 1099 is for freelance contractors who paid more than $ 600 during the year.

5) Outsourcing of Payroll Services That Allow You to Maintain Control

Most payroll outsourcing let you maintain control over your payroll as dealing with harsh payroll tax calculations in the background. Payroll outsourcing is a valuable relationship because it lets you comply with tax laws, but it also lets you focus on your business rather than trying to become a professional in payroll processing.

Entering your online payroll information allows you to maintain control of payroll processing and helps eliminate double entries or typing mistakes frequently associated with calls or faxing your payroll information to a customer representative. You enter it, review it, approve it, you are always in control of the payroll service of your small business. Check this site:

Payroll Tax: What is ‘Payroll Tax’

Payroll service tax is a duty that a company withholds and gives concerning his employees. The payroll taxes are based on the wage or salary of the staff. Generally, in most countries, like the United States, federal authorities, as well as many state governments, acquire some form of payroll tax.

Governments use earnings from payroll taxes to invest in programs such as Community Security, health care, unemployment reimbursement and workers compensation. Sometimes local government authorities collect a little payroll tax to keep up and improve local infrastructure and programs, including first responders, highway maintenance, and parks and recreation.


The three basic brand items which are taken from paychecks in the United States are Public Security, Medicare, and taxes, depending on the state.

Your employer is in charge of funding unemployment, which you can draw from if you are let go or (depending on the circumstances) fired. The rate that the workplace gives varies by industry and by point out and federal government fees. However, there are also a small number of states that want the employee to invest in unemployment and impairment insurance.

Federal Payroll service tax covers Friendly Security and Medicare efforts, and the withholding is collected as the National Insurance Contributions Action (FICA) tax. The essential premise of Public Security and Medicare is that you pay for them when you work, and finally, you define to withdraw from that money.

Public Security Payroll service tax

Money paid for Social Security fees goes into two trust money: the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Account, which pays retirement life and survivor benefits, and the Impairment Insurance Trust Account, for disability benefits. They are handled by the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of Labor and the Secretary of Health and Individual Services, the Commissioner of Sociable Security and two open public trustees. Current staff help purchase the huge benefits that seniors, those who are handicapped and survivors are getting.

By 2017, employers only need to withhold Community Security Payroll service taxes on the first $127,200 that their workers earn.

Medicare Payroll Tax

There is no salary cover for Medicare tax, and a 0.9% Medicare surtax is withheld from the worker when wages go beyond a certain amount depending on their filing status.

Money paid for Medicare taxes goes into two trust money, the Hospital Insurance Trust Account, and the Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund. The Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will pay for Medicare Part A and the resulting administration fees. The Supplementary MEDICAL CARE INSURANCE Trust Fund pays for Medicare Parts B and D, and other Medicare program administration costs.

Self-Employment Taxes

Individuals who are self-employed, including companies and small enterprises, don’t have employers to remit payroll fees on their behalf. As a result, they need to pay their payroll taxes. These taxes are called self-employment taxes. However they function like Payroll service taxes.

As of 2017, self-employed individuals must pay 12.4% of these earnings in Social Security contributions and 2.9% in Medicare payments for a total of 15.3% on the first $127,200 in a net gain.

Payroll Taxes vs. TAXES

Payroll fees are specific fees used for specific programs, and they are distinct from taxes, which are put into the government’s general fund. While everyone pays a set payroll tax, taxes are progressive, and rates differ based on revenue. Recruiters do not match income taxes, and self-employed individuals do not face higher income taxes than other workers. See more this site:

Payroll Outsourcing – 4 Superb Benefits Why Your Business Must Consider It

Now it becomes a requirement for small and medium businesses because of its unbeatable benefits. It is helpful both to business owners and to employees and to the company. If you are still processing your employees’ payroll internally, you lack the company’s opportunities to focus on revenue-generating activities and exponentially increase your savings in expenditures. Maybe it is about time that you have to know why more companies are now outsourcing their payroll service.

Save Time

Often, payroll is the first accounting function that is outsourced in any organization as its cost is measurable. In addition, its function is very elementary that makes it easier to assign to the third party. Though payroll tasks are elementary, it has a difficult workload and intense paperwork that can be time-consuming. Its function is also very wearisome since there are a lot of details that must be carefully studied. If you own a business with twenty employees, your time is valuable and better invested in expanding your business instead of calculating the payroll and overtimes of your employees.

Access to the Latest Payroll System and Technology

If you are a mid-sized business owner, you will hesitate to spend money to invest in the latest payroll system and technology. You prefer to invest the money to your business operation than to update the payroll system and technology which still has an option to be made manually. Outsourcing your payroll service provides you the chance to access the latest payroll and technology system on the market. In general, the third-party accounting service provider invests in such expensive state-of-the-art technologies to make sure reliability and accuracy in their work output.

Less Risk

As mentioned earlier, the tasks involved in making the payroll are wearisome. When you have sloppy payroll personnel, you will end up with angry employees and also possible penalties. Though, with the outsourced payroll service, this is doubtful to occur. The third party accounting service provider has always assigned a payroll specialist for this certain task. So, this specialist has the complete understanding of the essential elements involved in the payroll process, so you can expect a precise work output.

Moreover, some governments imposed penalties and fines for tax-related mistakes that were made on the payroll and errors in the annual reports. Even though it depends on the terms and conditions of the contract, the account service provider may be held responsible for such oversight.

Cost Effective

If you will dissect the expenses incurred in the payroll service, you will be surprised at the amount of your expense. Think about the number of hours assigned to payroll-related tasks, the charge of preparing, printing, and distributing of salary checks and slips. In addition to that, you have to load the paper loads into the file and the personal files of the employees to organize.

In addition, there is no need to hire and train or dismiss any employee due to this function is already given by the third party. You can expect the wage distribution to be timely because there will be no leaves and vacations. So, it makes everyone happy in your business due to a reliable payroll service. In fact, payroll outsourcing is definitely helpful to you as a business owner and to your employees.

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Payroll Outsourcing: Ways a Company Can Outsource Business Functions

Payroll outsourcing is the one thing that you should consider when you have one or more businesses. It just makes life so much easier. There are many ways that a company can outsource business functions that will make it worth spending the money. Here are some of these ways or benefits of using payroll outsourcing, instead of doing it yourself.

Can combine payroll outsourcing and bookkeeping

One of the benefits that you can expect when you are using payroll outsourcing companies, is that you can combine the payroll outsourcing with bookkeeping.

There are some of the outsourcing companies that are able to do both for your business. They can do the payroll for you and with just a small additional fee, they can do the bookkeeping also. This makes it more economical and makes it even easier to manage a business.

It can let you save money

There are many business owners that are struggling to understand that using a payroll service in Australia for payroll outsourcing can be saving the company money.

This is because using this type of service is going to be a lot cheaper than paying someone for doing this type of work inside your business, especially if you have more than one company. You will also save money in buying the right software and systems for ding this type of work.

Make it easier to manage a business

Managing a business and doing the bookkeeping and payroll can be a daunting task. And, if you have more than one company, it can be even harder to manage.

When you hire a company for payroll outsourcing, you are going to find it easier to manage a business. And, you will be able to see that it is going to be much easier to grow the business and to make sure that the business is successful and without any payroll problems. Doing payroll is the one part of the business that most business owners are struggling with.

Some other services that you can use

payroll professionalsWhen you are using payroll outsourcing companies for doing the payroll of your business, then you can also be assured that there are some other services that you can make use of using this type of service.

People don’t realize that there are more to outsourcing companies than just doing payroll for your business. They are also have other types of services that you can make use of that is going to make running a business even better and easier. You should just make sure about the services offered by the outsourcing company, before you make the final decision. read the news from

When it comes to payroll outsourcing, there are many ways that a company can outsource Business Functions. However, because the owners don’t truly know the different benefits of using this type of service, they are hesitant to use this type of service. This is why it is recommended that you are going to do some research, before you start looking to hire a payroll outsourcing service for your business or businesses.

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Online Payroll Outsourcing – A Green Payroll Solution

Online payroll outsourcing is a great way of going green. We all know that going green in business and in our personal lives are something that everyone should start to consider. One of the things that are ensuring that your company isn’t green, is the amount of paper that you are using. Here are some benefits that you will experience when you are going green with payroll outsourcing and making use of this service.

Making your business eco-friendly

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that our earth is in good condition. And it is all of our responsibility to go green—in our homes and in our businesses.

When you are going to use payroll services in Australia, you are going to go green in your businesses. You can go to use less paper that is going to be wasted, doing your bit for your country and for the earth.

Direct deposits

Because you are going to use payroll outsourcing, you are going to have the option to do direct deposits when you need to pay your employees salaries. This is better for your business and your employees.

This can take up a lot of time, when you are going to pay the salaries manually. And it is a risk for your employees to walk with their salaries in their pockets. So, going green with payroll outsourcing is going to do more than just save the earth.

Easier payroll tax calculations

payroll servicesThose business owners that are still doing their payrolls and bookkeeping by hand, have always the risk of making some calculation errors. This is because it is humanly to be able to make mistakes. However, making mistakes with payroll isn’t really an option. You can let the business lose money or you have the risk of not paying your employees the money they deserve and worked for.

Using the payroll services, you aren’t going to do the calculations at all. The service is doing the calculations and because they are doing it on computers, they are going to have fewer mistakes made.

Saving money for the business

Buying paper and doing everything manually is taking time and money. Money that could have been spent on many other ways. You will buy less paper and you will not need to pay high salaries for people to do the payroll by hand. The payroll service in Australia is going to do it for you electronically. Making sure that there are no mistakes done and you will have access to this payroll by computer, not paper. read more news from

We all know the importance of going green. And, if you are looking for a way to go green without any problems, then you should consider outsourcing the payroll of your business to an experienced payroll company. There are many benefits that your business will experience with going green and doing the payroll online. Then you will be able to do your part for our world and you will be able to save money for your business. These were just a couple of reasons why you should consider going green with using an online payroll outsourcing service.

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How to Avoid Payroll Tax Problems

Many businesses don’t consider using companies like And, this can make it difficult to run a business and do the payroll each month. Most of the time it is hard to run a business, because of the payroll tax problems that they are encountering, due to the fact that they are doing the payroll themselves. Here are some ways about how you can avoid payroll tax problems when you have your own business:

Avoiding late tax payments

One of the most common payroll tax problems that every business can struggle with is because of late tax payments. Not only can a business get into trouble when you are not ensuring that the tax payments are done in time, but you can also pay penalties because it is late.

Payroll is something that can cost a business a lot of money. And, if you have a business that is struggling financially, it can mean the end of your business. You should ensure that no matter what that your payroll tax payments are made on time or you should consider using a payroll service in Australia to handle it for you.

Ensuring that there aren’t any errors when doing payroll tax calculations

Many businesses are losing money, because they are making mistakes when they are doing the payroll tax calculations. Not only might they lose money, but they can risk not giving the right amount of money to their employees.

You should make sure that you are doing all the payroll tax calculations correctly or you should invest in purchasing software that is doing the calculations without making any errors. Or, you can consider payroll outsourcing. read top article!

Using the right software that is high quality

To have successful payroll tax without any problems at all, you should consider purchasing and investing in the highest-quality software for payroll and payroll tax. There are too many people that think that they are going to get away with purchasing and using cheap software that isn’t going to cost the company any money.

payroll providersHowever, at the end of the day, cheap software can mean that you are going to end up with software that isn’t going to be working correctly or that are going to make many errors. Don’t think that using cheap software or cheap payroll services is the answer to save money.

Hiring a payroll outsourcing company

If you want to make sure that you don’t have any payroll tax problems, then the only answer is to consider using one of the best payroll services in Australia. This is the only way that you can know for sure that no matter what, there aren’t any problems or errors done with the payroll of your company.

There are many payroll services that are making mistakes when doing their payroll taxes. Some don’t do the right calculations, while other are not even consider spending some money to ensure that they are using the right type of software. It is essential for every business to consider these ways of making sure that the payroll tax is done correctly, even if you should consider hiring a payroll service in Australia.